Thursday, December 16, 2010

Screw the colors, I have hurry

Pencil drawing: My mouse avatar coughs under heavy smoke. He tries to waft it away usuccessfully.

(The title is a reference to YuGiOh, The Abriged Series: "Screw the rules, I have money" ...not that I've watched it...)

Forget shading,
Forget lighting,
Forget coloring,
Forget inking.

Forget reusability,
Forget modularity,
Forget modifiability.

I promised you people I'd finish the Halloween story so that we could get to the Christmas story, so let's get this show on the road, even if it's only in pencil. There are only 9 more days until Christmas and I–
"9 more shopping days until Christmas"

Pencil drawing: Jane points the blunderbuss from the Thanksgiving Special straight at the camera. "Do not! Argue with! The stressed-out man!" she cries.

Note to self: Remember to put-away holiday props in a safer place. Did I mention I suck at drawing guns?

Halloween story part 3 (Or Christmas story part −1)

Pencil drawing: My mouse avatar coughs under heavy smoke. He tries to waft it away usuccessfully. My mouse avatar tries to walk through the smoke, wafting it aside. "Where is all this smoke coming from?" he thinks to himself. "Some kind of underground geyser? No, then it would be steam..." Looking back, he adds, "What then? Magma? No, then it would smell of sulfur. It doesn’t have any particular smell, almost as if–" but he stops and notices a rather large claw behind him. Looking up, he notices a creature about six times his size that resembles a horned lizard, except that it has razor-sharp teeth and has smoke coming out of its nostrils. the creature appears to be smiling. He facepalms and exclaims, "Oh, crap". The creature doesn't move an inch.
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The smoke effect was done on computer. I couldn't figure out how to do this on paper without making it look like greyscale dirt.

There will be one other "episode" in this sequence before I start the acutal Christmas story. This "intermediate episode" should be up on Saturday –and will contain the missing panel form here– with the Christmas story itself being shown in three parts on December 20, 22, and 24.

Related avatars based on panel 1: (going up today)

Yes, I just took my regular avatars and veiled them with the smoke effect. Sue me.

Related avatars based on panel 5: (going up tomorrow)


  1. Frank had better run or hope that dragon is friendlier than he looks. Of course the dragon could be handy for cooking a Christmas turkey.

  2. The funny thing is, I never said it was a dragon. Not even in the text-only version.

    To be fair, it's the size of a housecat, which is rather big for a lizard. Give a turkey to this guy (girl? I haven't decied) and it probably will take longer than if you'd just cooked it yourself.