Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mouse avatar Halloween story: Part 1 of 3

Another bend? Stupid cave. ’Been wandering down it for moths and still no signs of life. Okay, there was that cryptic graffiti near the entrance, but I’m looking for *intelligent* life.  
Okay, I *did*  find my mom, but she doesn´t technically belong here. [Unnoticed to him, he is reaching a part of the cave that is full of smoke.]   I guess what I’m *trying* to say is, something better happen soon. [The smoke now envelops him.]

This is the first of three little sequences that will tell a sort of story about my mouse avatar. The next one will be posted next week (probably on Thursday the 28th since I have a test on the 27th) and the last one shortly before Halloween itself. Given that speaking about my avatar is kind of like speaking of myself, I guess I'm trying to scare myself.

Part 3 ⇨ (What happened to part 2?)

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