Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas story: Part 1

The mouse ploughs through the piling snow thinking, "Great. So it’s snowing. Could this be any worse?" "Well," he thinks reasonably, "I suppose I *could* be in the middle of nowhere… A million miles away from home… Freezing my tail off… Without a single winter garment… With a hostile monster being the only living thing nearby…" He stops and looks to the heavens. He sighs. His breath visible. "Touché to you, reality," he thinks to himself. With a start, he notices a winter coat in front of him in the snow. Its cuffs and bottom trim are lined by a fluffy white material, and a belt is passed through it. He laughs heartily, bends over to pick up the coat, and rejoices.

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I wish I could say I worked non-stop to make this, but alas circumstances out of my control prevented me from doing so. I'm starting to realize that doing these things in pencil takes exactly as long as doing them on computer, from scratch, using the mouse. The extra time invested on one side positioning the pointer correctly, is the time spent on the other side erasing and redrawing (rather than just selecting and moving/modifying). Plus, the post-processing cost (adding in the thought bubbles) is going to be there no matter what the original image is made in.

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