Friday, December 17, 2010

The last assignment

My human self leans against a door wearing an unbuttoned coat and an undone scarf. He appears exhausted. The door has a name tag that reads "Prof. I. Martins, PHD". Thought bubble: Whew! Finally, the last assignment handed in- (Sudden realization) "That was the last assignment!" He continitues thinking as he jumps for joy. "I’m free!" As he jumps, he bends back his legs, causing his right foot to hit the door with a loud "clunk" He starts falling sideways, getting tangled in his scarf.
He lands on the floor with a loud "thump." "Yay?" he thinks, bewildered, as Prof. Martins, a bespecled, chubby sort of woman, peers out of her door to investigate what just happened.

So, yeah. My semester ended today, which officially puts me on Winter Break. Realizing it wasn't the best idea.

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