Sunday, December 19, 2010

What happened to Part 2?

I originally said I'd post the Halloween story in three parts. However, due to time constrains, I jumped from part 1 directly to part 3. What happened to part 2? To put it simply, I designed it to only garner suspense, and I thought that, after keeping you waiting for a month and a half, suspense was unnecessary.

Below is the script of what would have become part 2, had I been able to do it on time

Halloween story: part 2

Frank:(Coughing) Well, at least the smoke is clearing.
Frank:(Starts walking again.) The passage gets wider here; maybe that has something to do with it.
Frank:(Looking away from camera.) And those are quite the geologic formations. I didn't know Stalagmites came in circles.
Frank:(Stops. Looks to a pair of holes in the ground from where smoke is coming out.) And this appears to be the source of the smoke.
Frank:(Turns away, not noticing the holes, and the "ground" they're on, moves up.) Underground smokestacks? I'd heard of Hydrothermal vents, but I thought they were only possible underwater...

Naturally Part 3 wasn't planned the way it finally came out. The original script follows

Halloween story: part 3

Frank:(Turns back, trying to shine light on the holes again, but finds instead a rising body. Backs up and looks up.)
(Camera behind Frank shows it's clearly some creature much larger than him, covered in scales, with four legs ending in sharp claws. Its head is out of the circle of light cast by the torch.)
Sound effect:Fwoosh
Creature:(Breathes fire onto an as-of-yet unseen chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The new source of light reveals its reptilian head and lights up the scene)
(Camera shows the tense scene from the side.)
Creature:(looks down at Frank, smiling.)
(Silent beat. Cut to Frank fleeing in panic on all fours, a fireball raging behind him.)

The "intermediate" strip then started with, "Those weren't stalagmites, those were eggshells! That monster is clearly–"
"Whap!" all of the sudden, as he gets hit by the leaf.

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  1. I still say he/she/it is a dragon! Maybe a dwarf dragon, but still a dragon. I want a DNA sample to test.