Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Sandwich

Image: Mr. Bean sits at a table laden with two plates –each with a sandwich and some carrots–, a Christmas cracker, and a Christmas candle. Mr. Bean is looking away from the camera towards Irma, who holds a rather large Christmas present for him.
I have just discovered that the Christmas Sandwich (which I proposed here) does, in fact, exist! It was created for Mr. Bean (who else?) for the episode that aired on December 29, 1992. If you want to see the circumstances that led to the institution of the Christmas Sandwich, click the image on the right; it will lead you to a YouTube video.

The video begins on Christmas morning, so the first 1 minute, 50 seconds are spent opening gifts unrelated to the dinner.

And no, I did not stay up until this time watching Mr. Bean.

...Sis did.


B– b– but that's okay, because we're on vacation!

...isn't it?


  1. Turkeys should not be worn as headgear. Especially when driving.

  2. For the record, the above screenshot of Mr. Bean was the first image where I copied the "alt" text for the visually impaired, into the mouse-over "title" text, mainly because it was the first one that was as long.