Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas story: part 0

(Each of the following images can be seen thrice the size shown here by clicking on them)
My mouse avatar runs on all fours. A fireball rages behind him. He runs and runs. "Out! Finally!" he thinks to himself as he reaches a ground covered in leaves. He turns back for a moment. Silent beat. A sudden gust of wind causes a leaf to hit him with a "WHAP". Grabbing the leaf, he exclaims, "Autumn already?!? Well I guess it's alright as long as it doesn't begin to..." He looks up. A single snowflake falls. "Snow," he groans, finishing his previous thought with a facepalm. Many other snowflakes now fall with the first.

This is really what I've been wanting to do ever since I created the character. Back when I decided he had to keep the proportions of a real-life mouse, I just wanted to see him running for his life on all fours. Sometimes I have to wonder if I'm not too mean to my characters.

I know the leaves look wierd. When I planned this out, I had thought of using some stock photo or using technology to ensure the leaves on the ground were in perspective. I relinquished that possibility when I went with the "I don't have time for this, I'll do it all in pencil" option. I guess it would've helped to have used real-world leaves as reference.

Now, if anyone has mice, I'd appreciate if they could take one out into the snow so they can tell me if I drew the snowflakes big enough.
Jane says, "Our legal department has asked me to assure you that we will not accept responsibility for the escape from your care of any individuals of any species related to or similar in some way to the characters depicted herein." She's donned her formal clothes to say it.

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