Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Apreciation never comes too late

Image: My mouse avatar, still in his Thanksgiving clothes, gleefully squeezes the barrel of his blunderbuss.

It really is things like these that make it all worthwhile:

A comments section. Justme: (commenting with no avatar) @meirnon, it's not armed, it just shoots bubbles! Frank: (commenting with the "normal" Thanksgiving mouse avatar) @Justine: If that's true, Martina could be in trouble. Frank: (commenting with the "facepalm" Thanksgiving avatar) Oh, your username is "just me", not " justine" I guess I've been reading too many poorly-scanned documents lately. McGee: (commenting with an avant-garde drawing of a man and a woman) @ Frank your Avatar facepalmed. Ok that's super cute :D

Hmm... I don't think that blunderbuss will be much good once I'm done squeezing it

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