Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Story part 3

The rat, now dressed with a shorter floppy hat and an open shirt with short, jagged sleeves, helps Frank-the-mouse climb onto a rock. Frank now wears a smaller version of the coat, hat, and pants lined with fluff from before, which fit him perfectly. The rock is about twice Frank's size, but only reaches the rat's waist. The rock is in front of a tree with strange markings by a knothole. "Why did he bring me here?" thinks Frank, as he pushes himself up using a strange outcroping that rises vertically out of the rock. "I can’t argue that I’m lucky he had clothes in my size," he continues, watching the rat walk a shortways away; "but still, he could’ve at least *told* me--"  The rock actually has two vertical outcroppings which, when seen from the right angle, resemble large armrests.

The rat reaches a female in a dress, holding her young daughter's hand. The daughter is in a similar dress. Both stand behind a small barrier composed of two twigs (waist-high for the adult rats) with a small string spanning between them. The rat in the jagged shirt bends down, and proceeds to remove the string.

There are two more panels after this, though you probably already know what's going on. Frank doesn't.

We spent all day yesterday getting things ready for Christmas Dinner, which means I started drawing this at 1 AM. Panel 1 took me 6 hours, Panel 2 took me 2 hours, and Panel 3 took me 4 hours. Panel 1, thus is a testimony to how ineffective I can be in the wee hours when I need sleep (and have Internet access).

Honestly, why does Christmas Dinner have to be so complicated? I hereby propose the institution of the Christmas Sandwich to save us all a billion headaches.

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