This blog contains some stories, but even those posts that aren't part of the stories contain certain recurring characters. Below is a description of each of these characters, and a link to the posts they appear in

Frank, the Eurasian house mouse

My mouse avatar is basically a three-inch representation of myself. As all cartoon characters should be, he is slightly caricatured compared to what he represents. This makes him stubborn, appologetic, and a bit too easy to annoy.

I draw him simultaneously in four threads:
  • The first is the "avatar story", or the story that ends up being told by putting all my old avatars in sequence. The story starts with the little guy in some sort of dungeon, and chronicles his misadventures as he tries to get back home.
  • The second is "Jane's story"; the story where I (as him) interact with another one of my creations. Let's just say that being the creator doesn't automatically give you your creation's awe and respect.
  • Then there's the "commemorative art", the things I draw to celebrate certain dates.
  • Lastly, though not so much as a character, there's the "how I made my avatar" sequence, which seeks to explain how I draw him in all these situations.


Jane, the American field mouse

I created Jane, as a character, in 2002 as an amalgam of a few people I knew. This gave her an interesting personality since she could respond as a completely different person when you least expected it. As time went on, she grew into someone cocky and sarcastic. She has since overcome that phase, but it’s a side of her that occasionally resurfaces. She’s become an insistent and perseverant woman with a strong sense of what’s right; taking action whenever she senses something wrong. She is very modest about her accomplishments, though if you mess with her, she may just rip you apart. Polite, yet emotional like any girl, Jane doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, but will do it if that’s what it takes to save your life.

Jane's main role is in her eponymous story, though I occasionally draw her in the commemorative art as well, much to her chargin. The story is unnaffected by these sporadic occurrences.


The heckler

The heckler started as an anticipation of what my readers would say if they commented. I wanted to pre-empt the most ornery comments possible, without losing the flow of the text.

When one reader e-mailed me to tell me she liked the style this created, I formalized this into a "troll" character which interrupts my writing to make his point. The heckler has become more of an in-joke than an actual character, since he often speaks not when a reader actually would object to something, but to give me an excuse to explain something.

Love him? Hate him? Can't take him seriously? That's okay.



My representation as a human, or the facet of me that has to deal with real life's problems. Dedicated, victimized, and (hopefully) with an answer to everything, appears mostly when I need to explain things through pictures rather than through words.



"Sis" is the representation of my sisters. She's obsessed with pop culture, and very disaproving of me dedicating time in this blog. Don't get me wrong, It's not because se wants me to be productive; it's because she wants her turn on the computer. Her apperances are very sporadic.