Monday, February 14, 2011

An apology

"I… I just wanted to appologize for… you know… leaving all of you hanging like that. 
"It's just that… I've been sick. Royally sick. All throughout the holidays. "Oh, sure… You probably saw me around on the Internet… commenting and what not…
Truth is, those were my rare moments of lucidity in the midst of my illness. 
"And I tried to ignore it, I really did! 
"I tried to push myself to get something done. 
"I was trying to prove that I could create, and post, three drawings a week, regardless of how I felt.
"To proove that –if only I were given enough time each week– I, too, could handle a webcomic without having to create a gazillion 'buffer' strips. 
"The fact that it took me over a month to post this one only proves how spectacularly I failed. 
"But on this day, I promise you–"
"AW MY GAWD! ARE YOU BLOGGING *AGAIN?*" exclaims Jane, peeking into the panel in a burgundy dress, holding a blue book titled "Pro Crass Ti Nation". 
"The term has started! You have readings to do!"
"Essays to write!"
"Duedates to keep!
"Ow!" "Go! Go! Go!" she surmrizes, as she chases me out of the panel, beating me with her book. Throughout this all, I've been wearing a beige coat over my blue jacket, and a seed pendant.

What's this? The emperor has new clothes? There's an explanation for it! Seriously! I just need to get around to finishing it.

And yes, the only reason I said "royally sick" was to reference Andersen's fable.

Illustrator's note

I started this sequence on the Day of the Epiphany (January 6) when I finally recovered from my illness in full. I thought at first that I would be able to finish it the same day since, with the exception of the clothes and the angle of the head in panel 1, I had already drawn everything else previously, and could simply copy and paste it into here. The head, alone, took me three days (what with classes restarting and whatnot)

I'm kind of displeased with the eye-roll in panel 3. I had originally planned to use the expression from panel 2 of the Christmas Story, part 1, but after seeing how long it took me to make panel 1, I simply adapted panel 2 from the Halloween story.

I am also displeased with how the hands and feet came out in the last panel, but I guess it really doesn't matter, since I managed to get across the message I wanted.

That is, explained why I didn't post during the winter break, nor once the break ended (or rather, Jane has unintentionally explained it for me).


  1. Well I hope you're fully recovered now.

    Making a webcomic is much more work that it would seem, as you've found out. I think that's why smart people only blog. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but often a few words can paint a pretty good picture with much less effort.

  2. [A blank stage. A lone mouse enters from Stage-Left. He walks on his hind legs, sporting a blue jacket and –over it– a beige coat. The coat flows at his knees.

    Upon reaching the center of the stage, he stops, turns facing downstage, folds his arms, and bends forward. He frowns his hazel-colored eyes; however, he has no visible eyebrows. He purses his lips.

    There is a momentary pause. Then he speaks, addressing the viewer directly.]

    Mouse: Do you really think so?

  3. Maybe we're on to something. We could write the first webcomic in screenplay format. No storyboard, just text. Much much easier I think.

  4. :D Reminds me of something:
    "You know that show on Digestion? Where did all that light come from?"
    "Ha! Believe me, it would've been a lot cheaper to shoot a digestion radio show!"

    Getting back to the subject, I know it's a lot of work. I am willing to do all that work. I enjoy doing it. But the process has a lot of "behind the scenes" activity, and whining is probably the most amusing way to get it "out there".