Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ye Irish facepalm

Image: Frank the mouse holds his forehead in a facepalm, still wearing his green tailcoat and a capotain hat. His shamrock lies on the ground.

St. Patrick's Day ended, and I was unable to make the last image for my St. Patrick's avatar. My schedule, my sleep debt, my phone, and certain callers all got together and "decided" to make this impossible.

Now, doing this wasn't exactly easy as (unlike the other three) the Thanksgiving equivalent wasn't saved (my computer crashed after I exported the final image, but before I had a chance to save the vector graphics) so I had to re-create it using the regular facepalm. St. Patrick's day morning therefore became:
  • 3 AM: Do the facepalm OR actually get some sleep (after having uploaded the "normal" and "laughing" images)
  • 5 AM: Do the facepalm OR get to class on time
  • 10 AM: Do the facepalm OR get to a meeting with a professor on time (after having uploaded the "happy" image)

I knew what I had to do yesterday, but I didn't expect to have to meet my group for the project (due in two weeks) in the afternoon. I also didn't expect to have to go leave a note at the AV department (for entirely unrelated reasons) and therefore, didn't expect to not be home before nightfall. Given that I had only slept 1½ hours the night before (and hadn't exactly been sleeping soundly on the nights before that) I couldn't do anymore, and collapsed into my bed. The last St. Patrick's day image laying forgotten until the next day. The next day, every time I sat in front of the computer, I tried to do it. Really, I did! But the day was over before I got started. As for the weekend… I blame it on Sis.

The result? An avatar that was supposed to last a day, goes on to last 4 because only ¾ of it was finished in time.

And that, in itself, deserves a facepalm.

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