Sunday, March 13, 2011

Modification to legal info

Image: Frank the mouse, clad in Twentieth-century formal wear, carrying a tan-colored briefcase.
Just a brief note to say I modified the Privacy Policy and other legal info page. Part of the policy states that if I'm notified that I'm committing a copyright violation, if I don't acknowledge I received it, the sender must consider it lost in the mail. The purpose of this is so that I don't get sued without having first the chance to fix things by talking it out (or simply replacing the offensive image –once I know which one it is– with something I make myself). However, as it was written, it implied that I could simply choose to ignore the notice; which would be unfair to the sender, and in the worst case could get me sued not for copyright violation, but for writing a contract that violated the rights of others.
I have added "The Author therefore agrees to notify [the person who sends the copyright violation claim] of the reception of [the copyright violation claim] as soon as [The Author] sees it."

The same clause also says that anything I upload in the future and didn't make myself, I must link to its Fair Use Rationale. This left open to interpretation if I would ever do that for what I've already uploaded. To save that, I've added "[The Author] agrees to make a reasonable effort to add the Fair Use Rationale to [the old images I didn't make myself]."


  1. I was shocked when I saw the publication time. I had completely forgotten about Daylight Savings Time!

  2. That kind of depends on which side of the loophole you're standing