Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's day

Today, I'm commemorating St. Patrick's day with a strip from Tracy Butler's excellent comic Lackadaisy. Lackadaisy takes place in 1927, right in the middle of the prohibition era, which provides the main conflict for the series. You may ask, what can two cute little kittens care about whether alcohol is allowed or not? For starters, in the world of Lackadaisy Cats are the only sentient species (which means they fill in the role of humans; Butler says she draws cats because they're more expresive). Secondly, the strip above is a flashback; Rocky (the older of the two kittens) is a 25-year-old in the main story (though not very adult).

These two youngsters go about with their mild manner trying to be helpful, but their clumsiness and overexcitability often causes more harm than good. The fact that everything they're doing must happen without the law finding out only complicates matters. The story is complex, deep, and at times action-packed, with Rocky often providing what unwittingly (and unnervingly) looks like an evil laugh.

And of course, the art is simply superb.

Warning: This plot is not suitable for those with a weak heart, or with memory problems, or for those who absolutely must have their webcomics updating every nth day. If you think you can stand that, you may want to read it from the beginning.

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