Wednesday, October 13, 2010

¡Felicidades, Chile!

My mouse avatar lifts a mining helmet in celebration

For the past 70 days, 33 men, not all of them miners, have been trapped, 700 meters underground, in a collapsed mine in Chile. They managed to get organized, and survive, and are currently being rescued in what the Chilean president is rightfully calling a feat of engineering. Many happy returns, Chile (literally), from my humble little burrow digger, to yours.

Now, if you're here because you've seen my "oh, man" avatar (below) the reason behind it is very simple: When I heard the rescue operation was starting I made two drawings, just in case (heaven forbid) anything were to happen and the miners would have to wait another 70 days. Of course, I'll been using it when I need something less euphoric when posting on the sites I comment on ;-)

My mouse avatar appears so downtrodden, he can barely keep hold of the mining helmet in his left hand

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