Monday, May 2, 2011

Say "bye-bye" to the "topics" page

I've decided to take the topics listing off of the page listing at the top.

When I created the topics listing on June 13, it was little more than a listing of the labels I had in the posts, which at the time was little more than my subtitle of "art, college life, and introspection". I structured the listing in such a way that when I crated new labels, I would have a space in which to put them. I thought I had a good idea of what I was going to post, and therefore, of the labels that would be created accordingly.

Half a year later, I realize that the label names I had created often were not being used to mean what they said. The label "coursework", for example, was being used for anything college related, and the label "mouse avatar", originally reserved for the main "avatar story", was being used for any post indicating that I had changed my avatar, for any reason. I had also created new labels and had not updated the topic listing, mainly because I was in a hurry when I did the first few, and after that, I was simply out of the habit.

As a result, the page now does not reflect what this blog is about, and may actually be serving to drive people away. So, until I get around to basically rehashing my entire labelling system, that page is staying down.

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