This page shows all the things I've written about, to date. Each link will allow you to search for the posts on that topic.


I'm going to post a lot of things on the subject of drawing, what's hard for me, and how to draw certain things. So far, I've only posted about my mouse avatar.

Real-Life Occurances

Posts pertaining to things that happen to me in my real life, or explaining the world I live in

  • Coursework (Anything related to college and its projects)
  • Library (The place where I work and study)
  • Food (Getting this one thing essential for survival isn't as easy as it should be)

There's also a couple stray posts on the World Cup and Religion that don't seem to fit into any of the other categories.


These are things that I come across that I find interesting enough to share

  • Language peculiarities (Our language is tricky; every day you learn something new about it)
  • Stumbled on (Things I come across on the internet)
  • Blogging (Things related to things that happen on this blog)