Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Avatars

I've made a set of avatars to go along with the apology which I'm now using when commenting. (That is, avatars using the new winter coat I designed.) Of course, they also go with the subsequent, prequelling explanations. Read those last three words again; they make all the sense in the world.

What doesn't make sense is where I show him carrying the torch. It doesn't make sense because he dropped it when he had to run off at the start of the Christmas Story. However, until I get around to making new ones, this will be what I'll be using.

Image: Frank the mouse is shown walking from left to right, casually swinging the torch. Frank stands, pointing and laughing at something off-panel. Frank clasps his empty hands together, and smiles, closing his eyes cutely Image:Facepalm – Frank slaps his forehead, wincing in exasperation. Frank faces the camera directly, holding out his arms in a pleading fashion.


  1. Now that you've finished his winter attire, he's going to need his spring clothes.

  2. Winter = big, heavy coat over the blue jacket
    Spring and Fall = just the blue jacket
    Summer = ? (I didn't have to worry about it last year because he wasn't outdoors)