Thursday, June 13, 2013

I am so stupid

Image: Frank the mouse cries out in frustration, his hands atop his head as if to pull his nonexisting long hair; his arms bending his whiskers.

So, I said I had a bunch of posts lined up for you the last time I was here
I wasn't lying
but they're nowhere to be seen

The reason is, I had the posts written, but I refused to actually set the automatic post date until I had done the illustration for them. Since these illustrations are, more often than not, easier to do on the computer, I've waited until I've had a computer and free time on it.

Ha. That never happened. I have been making art, though, albeit only being able to work on paper, but since I refused to scan anything until it was finished, my Deviant Art has nothing to show for it either. This policy was reasonable when I could draw every week: If I didn't finish any given piece, there would always be something else I could upload.

But this year, my life has been a mess. I don't have triskaidekaphobia, but I'm beginning to see the merit of it. I've actually spent more time doing things like walking to/from a bus stop than actually being on a bus (can someone explain to me how that is even possible?) which means that rather than being able to draw once a week, it's more like once a month

And you haven't seen any of it because, just as I feared, I've become trapped by my own rules.

But enough of that. I'm here to tell you that since I wrote the rules, I am changing the rules!
Image: Frank the mouse writes on a sheet of paper using a feather almost as big as himself, while Jane the vole, clad in a twentieth-century-formal dress, looks over his shoulder with interest.
...minus the lawyer

and I'm changing them for your benefit. From now on, as soon as a post gets written, I'll try to publish it. I'll later try to let you know when I do the appropriate illustration for it. The end result for you? More content! Probably twice as much as I had originally intended.

And if you follow me on DeviantArt or Twitter, you'll also be able to see how these pieces progress, as every time I work on something, I now plan to scan it and upload it to my DeviantArt scraps. These are automatically announced on Twitter and you'll be able to see them. And, of course, I plan to get my Quote of The Day thing rolling again.

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