Friday, April 6, 2012

It's only polite, 2 of 5

Image: Frank the mouse bows

Continuing my little "what has made real-life tolerable" series, today I have a rather short post. This is a quick thank you to Turtleleaf and Camtheman.

Image: Bailey, an anthropomorphic, female dog, shakes a drop of milk off the had she was using to milk a cow as she speaks into the cell phone she holds with her other hand. Caption:
The cow refuses to be milked in winter unless one of the dogs does it.
No, the cow is not named Turtleleaf… nor Camtheman.
© Rick Griffin 2012

Or, rather, the Housepets! commenters in general. Being able to go to those comments at times of despair has been too great for words for me. I list Turtleleaf and Camtheman because their comments (Turtleleaf’s and Camtheman’s respectively) really made my day… even if that day was a day too late to leave them a response.

So, to both of you, this post, and everything in it, is for you. (Yes, that means I drew the above bow thinking of them.) Thanks a bunch for helping me in your own little way.

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