Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's only polite, 1 of 5

Although my real life has been abhorrent the last few weeks, my online life has more than made up for it. So I’ve been thinking that a small show of thanks is in order for the people who have made it possible for me to keep my sanity. Therefore, I'm going to run a small series of blog posts, hoping they won't take too much time.

So first on the list (which has no particular order) is The Gennies!

Image: An anthropomorphic hyena whose hair flows down to her shoulders holds in her arms a beagle puppy, a mouse, and a diminutive skunk. The hyena wears a tank top and over it, an open, flower-printed Hawaiian shirt.
Of course there’s more than four,
but I never would’ve finished the drawing
if I had tried to fit them all!

Self-dubbed so by analogy with the Bronies, The Gennies are a group of wonderful people who hang around in the chat for Genesis Whitmore’s Livestream channel. The chat is active practically 24/7, although Whitmore (or "Gen", as her fans call her) only streams a few times a week. (The duration of each stream, however, can be of several hours, since Gen is known to literally draw 'till she drops.)

Although they ostensibly spend most of their time waiting for Gen to wake up, there is never a dull moment with them. They're a crazy, fun-loving people who are brought together by their admiration of adorableness and their respect for Gen's cat… er… not really.

Discussions can range from the thoughtful and profound to simple, happy, pick-me-ups with lots of cute drawings to go with it. I really don't know how to describe it… let’s just say it’s physically impossible to be grumpy around them J.

I do realize that this sort of cutesy interactions are not for everyone, that it may change your opinion of me, or that you simply may not like the idea of using people's chatrooms. But hey, it works for me, and I am grateful for them. Fortunately for me, Gen has a comic strip that expresses the feeling much more succinctly:

Uriel: Honey, that's great, but you just shared that with the internet.
Gen: So? It's cool!
Copyright 2011 Genesis Eve Whitmore. Used with Permission.


  1. Well I never heard of them or that before.

    1. Funny thing: I got a notification saying "Binky has left a comment on your blog post: 'Well I never...'" and I immediately thought "Uh-oh! No good can come from a sentence that starts with 'Well I never'!"

      Nice to I was wrong :)

  2. Seeing just the first couple of words, it would be easy to get the wrong impression. I suppose one could plan such things to irk some nerves!