Sunday, July 4, 2010

Life Sucks

I had something brilliant planned for Father's Day. A wonderful series of posts which were to take advantage of the fact that I comment on about half a dozen sites with an avatar, which I was going to change for the occasion. I hoped to have it up long enough for people to notice, ask themselves "what's up with this?" and click it, linking them to the blog. And the explanation would be here! Right after a short post which I hoped would tell enough about me to get them to keep reading my blog.

But my teachers didn't agree with my plans, and let's just say, I'm lucky to be alive... literally.
See, the idea for attracting people to my blog fit perfectly into my schedule because Father's day was June 20; I had a really long project due on June 17, and a really short one due on June 23. I figured I had three days after I handed in my long project to write the posts, draw up the new avatar, and buy a father's day present, and three days after that to do the short project. Problem was the teacher noticed that the project required two weeks worth of work, and he had really only given one, so he "graciously" gave an extension...until June 21.

This collapsed my card castle. Of course, I hadn't finished the project. I hadn't really thought about it until then, but I was basically headed towards handing an incomplete assignment, and not caring that it was incomplete, despite being a mostly-all-A's student. As you may have noticed, the four additional days were nowhere near enough time to finish the project (we needed seven days) so where were we to get the additional time? Why, from where all college students do, taking it away from the sleeping time!

Spending four days without sleeping right is feasible, but spending four days straight doing the same activity, practically non-stop, is extremely taxing on the brain. Not to mention it made Father's Day quite awkward (I won't go into details). The problem was that it wasn't four days without sleep; it was more.

Taking a day away from "the short project" made it too much to handle, so again I had to take time off my sleep to finish on time. But the day I handed it in, the teacher reveals there's yet another project due the following week, and this one requires two weeks of work as well! By Thursday I was feeling exhausted from the time I got out of bed. It didn't help that not only was I going to bed late because of my projects, I also had to wake up at 5:00 AM (despite none of my classes being first thing in the morning).

Thursday the 24th also had me make a new discovery. I was sitting in class, quietly taking notes, when all of the sudden I feel a huge, excruciating pain in the back of my head, as if someone had just driven a sword into it. It soon dissipated, but it took me a moment to realize that I wasn't breathing! I had completely lost the ability to breathe subconsciously! I had to force myself to gasp, and then to empty my lungs, just to be able to stay alive! That night I said "screw the project, my health is more important". But, being unable to stop controlling my breathing, it took me six hours of laying in bed with my mind blank to fall asleep. I guess those
six hours were where my brain repaired itself, because I was breathing normally the following morning.

The same thing happened every other day from then on, until I managed to hand in the project. This is why I say I'm lucky to be alive. Imagine, if you can, the chore it was for me to walk, to eat, to drink when you literally can't breathe properly!

To top matters off, I kept thinking I might find a chance to make the Father's Day posts and do it after the fact. Consequently, I haven't been commenting on webcomics, my single way to relieve stress when working all night. This doesn't mean I've become more productive; I ended up switching to reading Calvin and Hobbes comic books, or old Ozy and Millie webcomic strips, simply because they didn't have the option to comment; and being sleep deprived, I ended up reading many more than I should before realizing that I had already relieved my stress and should get to get back to work.

I am currently sleeping some 14 hours a day (I'd do more, but it's summer and I don't have air conditioning), and still am unable to spend a full day without feeling drowsy in the middle. I have two final exams next week (this week if you consider weeks to start on Sunday), for which I haven't studied because I was doing those projects, and am now recovering from doing them. And I still haven't been able to write the posts I had planned for Father's Day. Life sucks.

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