Saturday, July 17, 2010

if(summer_vacation == false){...

The term is over. I should be on summer vacation. But noooo. I'm stuck here doing a project due (of all the impossibles) Sunday! (Yes I know half of you are going "Bah, I've had to hand in projects on Sundays before; I've had to hand in projects on Christmas day! What's the big deal then?"
and the other half is going "What? Sunday? How can that even be possible? Is he going to be in his office on Sunday? I don't think so! There must be some law against it!" Look, I have no clue.)

The project was originally due last week... the day after that subject's final exam. (Sound familiar? No, it's not the same project; but it is the same teacher.)  No big deal, we'll make it due the following week; but then it would be due the same day as "the final project", a large project we were supposed to have been working on since the first exam. So it was postponed again, for next week, until someone pointed out that the teacher had to hand in his grades then.

My partner and I hadn't started the project yet. So here I am, poised for a miserable weekend. My siblings are, of course, in the house happy to have finished school. And me? I'm stuck here! I want my vacation back!

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