Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mrs. R, why do you torture me like this?

The title may be a bit extreeme, but it is exactly how I felt today when I saw that, once again, the teacher was telling us to bring something to the following day's class with few hours left in the day.

Teachers like this abound. Before the internet, it was mainly in the shape of
"Bring it to my office by tomorrow at sunrise."
"But this class is last period! There's no time to do it!"
"I don't care. Just be in my office by sunrise."

Last term I also got a teacher like this, only worse.

With two hours to go for the class, he sent a file and say, "make sure you have it printed out for today's class, otherwise don't bother coming." (For that particular e-mail, only two people brought it, so he had to admit defeat and switch that day's lesson with the next one. That doesn't mean he stopped doing it, though.)

It's just one of the things that vex me because you can't do anything about it (I, for one, replied to the "don't bother coming" e-mail; it later turned out the teacher sent it, went out to lunch, and then went straight to the class, so he didn't read the reply when it was releveant). It's an entirely arbitrary measure taken by the teachers, basically because they think they can.

And unfortunately, in today's world, they're right.

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