Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's high time I had a blog!

Several things have been have been happening in my life recently that have made me realize I need a presence on the web. Where to start? Let's try chronologically:
  • Last year, I did an internship. I realized how important it is to put your CV online; not just to put it in the way of employers seeking people, but also to expand on it beyond the limits of paper.
  • I've realized I've been getting out of touch with the people I know, so I need something to help me decide what to talk about with them.
  • I have put a bit of an extra effort into some of the programs I've made for my course projects; I want to show them off, but I don't have anywhere to do it (at least not anywhere that is mine).
  • In March, I was asked if I do art (and it so happens I do) and if I have it online (and it happens that I don't).
  • I've stated checking more blogs and such, and I think I need to be able to connect all my commenter personas to one place.
  • For the past couple of years I've been noticing some queer equalities between languages both between natural languages (say, English and French) and programming languages (say, C and Haskell) that are so queer I want to write about them, but I don't have anywhere to do it.
Yes, I know I'm using "recently" in a very relative sense, and yes I know I should get something better to cover these wishes. I could've kept those things bottled up inside of me until I amassed enough money to buy a domain, but during the last week, quite a few things happen that pushed me to finally create this blog.
  • On Monday the 3rd, despite not having any homework and going to bed earlier than I ever do the previous night, I woke up still immensely tired. I was so drowsy that I signed an extension to my contract with the college's library, and missed my classes, without having any idea what was going on until after the class was over!
  • My college is quite removed from the city; to put it simply, this causes it to have a sort of soup kitchen (more on this later), a coffee house, and a Subway store as the only places to eat. Due to budgetary constraints, the kitchen will be closing soon; however, 42% of the students eat there, mainly because we (yes, myself included) can't afford the other two places. (Going to the city and back would take four hours, making it not be an option when you have to go to class in the afternoon.)
  • My partner for one of my courses might be a math teacher.
  • Yesterday, I discovered that the reason the library was so keen to have me stay is because they are working with four TA's this term in total (the library needs about 20 to function correctly) of which one must guard the computer terminal at all times and one must guard the course reserve. The result was predictable: over the course of the week, not a single book was reshelved, leaving me over 500 books to sort through.
  • I just realized I survived an entire month without spending a penny, and without getting any money either.
In short, my life seems to be becoming so upsetting, it's funny. I also feel I'm a complex guy who has (and will have) a lot of things to say. And who knows? Maybe someone will enjoy reading them!

I plan to update on Saturdays, but don't bet your life on it; my courses come first.

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