Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sketchdumps are for WiPs

One of the thing that irks me about the school year is how little time it leaves me to use the computer for art. On the one hand, because I take a bus that 90% of the time gets stuck in traffic, I have a practically guaranteed drawing session every day. On the other, if any of those drawings requires a little touch up in the computer to be finished (say, to add color), it most likely never will be finished.

Image; A kitten that had been sleeping on its side, stirs. Image: A puppy with thick, fluffy fur all over his body (including his ears) bends down, wagging his tail enthusiastically. Caption:
The above characters, for instance, are from Rick Griffin's Housepets! But you can't really tell that without the colors, can you?

I've tried to keep myself active, making art; so what I've ended up doing is drawing Susan, a character with which I'm running the experiment of build her life, from birth, with no idea where she's headed.

Image: A small, baby mouse with peach-colored fur sleeps on a light blue pillow in a yellow night gown. Image: A male adult mouse, wearing a jacket, hugs a little, sleeping, female baby mouse in a night gown, pressing her against his body dearly, yet carefully, as if fearing she may vanish. Image: A very young female mouse thrashes her legs while lifting her arms excitedly in an embroidered dress which is just a little too big for her. Image: A very young, anthropomorphic, female mouse in a loose dress with an embroidered skirt and sleeves, stops playing with letter blocks to pull on the skirt of a much larger mouse. A very young, anthropomorphic, female mouse in a dress and an overcoat sits in the snow stacking (or potentially unstacking) snowballs.

This does not mean I was not able to actually finish anything. I think I did a rather good job with the shading of that last one.

I have also still had those insane pieces of art that just come to me, and so help me, my mind doesn't let me rest rest for days until it gets down on paper. I do have to wonder how I keep coming with poses so alien to me, I don't even know if I can do them until they're done. So, on that note, I leave you with one that has been lauded for its adorableness.


  1. You draw with a pencil and paper? They still actually make those things?

    1. Well, standardized tests still require Number twos; they have to come from somewhere!