Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memoriam

To the brave souls who gave their life to save so many others, that fateful Monday, 10 years ago.
Image: Frank the mouse stands in revered silence looking downcast. He is wearing a firefighting jacket and holds a yellow firefighter's helmet.

Today, I take my hat off to you

Associated avatars

Image: Frank the mouse looks off to the side. He has put his helmet on his head, revealing it to be quite battered, and is holding a fire axe in his right hand. image: Frank turns completely to the side, and rasies his right hand to make a remark. His axe has been switched over to his left hand.

More to be added here as I make them

Unfortunately, I didn't start on this early enough to be able to get Jane's help, unlike last year. Next week, I'll be telling you what has been keeping me so busy. I promise.