Monday, July 4, 2011

God Bless America


I'm pretty sure I can't be much more explicit than this. Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

Associated avatars

Frank, the mouse, stands solemnly at attention in early twentieth century clothes, singing into an old-style microphone. Frank turns to his left to raise a point, his arm passing behind the microphone, and his tail being dragged on the ground. Frank collapses in laughter, grabbing the microphone for support.
*Note: when this was originally posted, the video was an embedded flash player. Now that flash has been discontinued, it has been replaced with a YouTube fan edit


  1. I didn't realize Frank the mouse was a singer.

  2. Frank is fully capable as a singer, but we'll never see that in the story. He's always either where there's no one to sing to, or where there's too many others around.