Friday, April 15, 2011

To make things simpler

"Since I couldn’t post anything this week nor last week," explains Frank-the-mouse happily, "today I give you… Jane!" The camera pans right to reveal a somewhat startled Jane holding a sheet of paper in a formal dress nearly identical to her 20th-century-formal outfit. A clapping sound is heard from off-screen. Frank also claps. Jane relaxes her muscles and tells Frank, "You know I hate it when you put me on the spot like that."

The camera had continued panning and is now centered on Jane, alone.

Jane turns to the camera and says, "Um…

"since I know legal terminology can be intimidating, I'm going to read an abridged version of our Privacy Policy." She reads, ""(1) We cannot know who you are unless you write, telling us; (2) but we ARE putting cookies on your computer (not that we like it). (3) We do not want to sue you, (4) so don't sue us; (5) we're all friends here."

The camera pans again, showing Frank somewhat startled.
"I… probably would've left off that last one," says Frank.
"Excuse me," Jane talks back, "who's the one dressed like a lawyer here?"

On the other hand, if Google can contractually bind all latin americans to assume good faith, why can't a little mouse do so as well?

Artist's notes

This one took me 2½ days to complete. I had been saving making this one for when I had not updated for a while because I thought it would be doable in just a couple of hours. Obviously, I wasn't considering all the new angles Jane does ("new" meaning "crap, I have nowhere I can ctrl+c this from") nor the fact that I had to check their legs (which means actually drawing them, despite the fact that they don't show up) to make sure the heights were correct.


  1. Are they chocolate chip cookies? Because you could put those on my computer any time and I wouldn't be offended at all.

  2. Gosh!!! There's something you don't see every day. A woman lost for words...

  3. Oh silly me. The page was slow loading all the images so when I left my comment I could only see the 1st 4 frames. I see Jane had more to say. Knew it was too goon to be true

  4. OK I just realised where I went wrong. Only the 1st 4 frames show on the main page then when I clicked the comments link it jumped straight to the comments form thus bypassing the other frames. OK now I've rambled on too much I will leave you alone.

  5. There actually is one point in the future where she's at a loss for words. I think I'll be posting it in October. Stay tuned!