Friday, September 17, 2010

My absence

My sudden post last Saturday after several weeks of silence may have left many of you wondering where I was. I hope this little comic strip can serve as an explanation

Monday, August 23, 2010.
Me: (carrying a cardboard box) Hey sis, can I have the computer?
Sis: (from the computer) No. Thursday, August 26.
Me: (now carrying a rake) Please?
Sis: (still at the computer) No. Sunday, August 29.
Me: (now carrying a paint bucket and brush) Pretty please?
Sis: (still at the computer) No. Wednesday, September 1.
Me: (now carrying a mop and a bucket of water) She’s gone! [I zoom to the computer, dropping the mop and the bucket] Me: Finally, I can check my e-mail!  Read my webcomics!  Update my blog!
Sound effects: Clatter. Bam! Sploosh! Now how do I tell my readers? [Sis appears surreptitiously behind me, her arms crossed] [Feeling watched, I turn around slowly and find myself facing her] Sis: out! Wednesday, September 8.
sound effect: knock, knock Sis: (opening door) Frank? You can have the computer now if you w– Sis: (noticing me sick in bed) uh… never mind.

I hate summer.


  1. Being sick is no excuse for shabby artwork, but it does excuse a shameless ammount of copying-and-pasting (or was that the other way around?)

  2. Well at least you must have gotten a few minutes on the computer!