Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Columbus day

On this day, 518 years ago, an Italian entrepreneur captained a crew of Spaniards on a voyage never performed before. Although he became rich for discovering "new lands", he would die, 14 years later, convinced that he had merely found new islands to dot (what is now known as) Indonesia.

Like all vessels at the time, his ships were filled with all kinds of vermin. I can't help but wonder, if Columbus thought he had reached the East Indies, where did these mice think they had arrived?

Spanish mouse: Excuse me, which road leads me to Rome? 
Native mouse: What?

Spansih mouse: Uh... this *is* Italy, right? I mean, the captain had an Italian accent; that's where I thought he was going. 
Native mouse: (facepalms) And I thought the *humans* were badly lost!

Mouse over the text bubble to see what the Spanish mouse is saying. (If you're reading this though a text-to-speech software, don't worry, you already got the version in English.) And speaking of languages, Yes, I do know Guanahani sounds nothing like English, but I wanted to keep the joke simple.

By the way, kudos to whoever can tell me where I got the native mouse's dress from.

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